NY Oil Tank Insurance

If you live in New York and are interested in obtaining oil tank insurance, Pilgrim Oil Group may have the answer.  Oil tank insurance has been harder to find in NY through conventional homeowners insurance policies.  Most New York homeowners are realizing that insurance carriers are no longer covering damages caused by leaking heating oil tanks.  Oil tank leak protection may be the answer NY consumers have been looking for.

If you live in NY and need oil tank insurance for your home or business, the time is right for you to take advantage of the oil tank leak protection program.  It is very difficult for New York consumers to know if their in-ground heating oil tank is leaking because there is no way to see it.  If you have become accustom to the high fees associated with oil tank insurance, then maybe it's time to switch. 

Oil tank leak protection in NY works the same way as oil tank insurance without the high cost attached.  The low price oil tank leak protection program in New York offers many value added benefits that is not offered with conventional oil tank insurance.  Pilgrim's environmental partners provide multi faceted support when a heating oil tank leak has been detected. 

If you've been looking for oil tank insurance and live in New York, this is the time to look into the oil tank leak protection program.  New Yorkers are covered up to $100,000 in clean-up costs and periodic inspections are done free of charge.  The oil tank leak protection policy is fully transferable if you decide to sell your home.  This oil tank leak protection program is underwritten by an A rated insurance company.

Most heating oil companies require the consumers to be on automatic delivery before being able to obtain oil tank insurance.  With the oil tank leak protection program, NY consumers have the option of choosing their own heating oil provider.  Oil tank leak protection is also offered to one time COD customers.

New York consumers contact us for a free price quote on the oil tank leak protection program an alternative to oil tank insurance.  Read more about the great benefits that the oil tank leak protection program has to offer.

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